-dance workshops: flamenco y contemporary

-learning Spanish

-dance theater classes
-dance performances

individual and group therapy

Flamenco, a dance that was created from the combination of the Andalusian folklore with the culture of the Gypsies who came to that area. It is characterized by a complex, unique rhythm and a variety of styles. Extremely intriguing and activates the deepest layers of emotionality.

Spanish – a beautiful Romance language with a high position in terms of the number of speakers in the world. I will introduce you to its meanders.

The method of therapeutic work with movement involves the body in the therapeutic process, and thus allows you to reach directly the unconscious contents written in it. The body doesn’t lie, what truth does it want to tell about you? Body and mind interact with each other. Changes in the level of movement have an impact on life changes. Movement reflects personality. Movement analysis helps you get to know yourself better and open yourself to new paths, movement and life qualities. The improvisation itself has a therapeutic effect by experimenting with new ways of moving. I invite you to this experience.

Dance Theater is based on the technique of modern dance. Particular emphasis is placed on the work of expressing emotions. During the classes, participants have space to develop and express their own expression, and take active and creative part in the process of creating performances. Free or thematic improvisation as a work tool helps you reach your internal resources. Classic dancer’s training is complemented with elements of self-expression, which leads to the full use of external and internal resources. Participants not only acquire new skills in the field of classical or modern dance techniques, but are also supported in being a creator and developing their own dance and life expression. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in therapeutic classes or sessions.